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Changsha Nulant Chem Co., Ltd.

Changsha Nulant Chem Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company in Changsha.

Experience, efficient and innovation – three words are perfectly suited to Nulantchem. Nulantchem was founded in 2011, but our team members have 17 years of experience of herb extracts in production and R&D.

Focus, seriously and honest let us steady progress. We can not promise we can provide the lowest price products, but we are sure to provide you cost-effective and real natural herbal products. ISO9001 manage system and our strict internal management system offer us stable and consistent quality assurance.

Our advantage:
1, For human health and safe, we only provide real proportion and real content herbal extract products.
2, We have a real professional production and R&D team.
3, In view of the personalized customer demand, our factory and laboratory have fast response speed.
4, For your new product development, we can quickly offer you cost budget and production suggestion.

We offer natural tea extract, fungi extract, herb extract, vegetable extract and fruit extract. They are widely used in raw material of Nutraceutical ingredients, dietary supplement, functional food, medicinal food, natural pigment, pharmaceutical, food additive, and cosmetic. If you want find our main herbal extract products, you can go to product.